1st-4th October, 2024
APROPOS 19 conference

The APROPOS 19 conference (the third under the new name) continues the series of symposia held in Vilnius since 1971 with the initial title “Plasma and instabilities in semiconductors”, later “Ultrafast Phenomena in Semiconductors” (UFPS).

The conference aims to reveal and share new ideas in technology, research and applications of advanced optoelectronic materials, to discover modern trends in optoelectronics research and to discuss processes and fascinating phenomena arising when optics meets electronics. Special emphasis will be attributed to applications of ultrafast methods for advanced materials.

1st October, 2024
Tutorial session & Masterclass for scientific writing

Direct training for thirty (up to 30 seats) early stage researchers and PhDs in the fields related to terahertz science and technology.

Masterclass for PhD students aims to improve their skills on scientific writing, publishing and resenting.


Andreas Trabesinger (Zurich, Switzerland)
Training courses How to prepare a manuscript for highly-ranked journals
Michael Shur, invited lecture (Rensselaer, USA)
Adrian Cernescu, invited lecture (AttoCube Systems, Haar, Germany)

Invited Speakers

Guillaume Ducournau (Lille, France)
Hiroshi Ito (Tokyo, Japan)
Ray-Hua Horng (Hsinchu, Taiwan)
Iwao Hosako (Tokyo, Japan) –
Polina Kuzhir (Joensuu, Finland)
Wladislaw Michailow (Cambridge, UK)
Andy Monkman (Durham, UK)
Chiko Otani (Sendai, Japan)
Agnieszka Siemion (Warsaw, Poland)
Safumi Suzuki (Tokyo, Japan)
Miriam Serena Vitiello (Pisa, Italy)

Lublin Readings (2nd October, afternoon)

Invited historical lecture on the Government Act of the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth later known as the Constitution of the 3nd May – the Polish-Lithuanian state became the Europe’s first and the world’s second (after the USA) that passed the basic law.


Wojciech Knap (Warsaw, Poland)
Irmantas Kašalynas (Vilnius, Lithuania)

Scientific reports on international cooperations

Section will be finalized by concert (chorus Aidija).